“Investing in our community and being of service is a great way for us to give back to those who support us. We feel that as members of our community we have a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate and to contribute to the common good.”

—Dr. Bush

Dr. Bush gives back to the community through volunteer teaching in hospitals, providing scholarship opportunities and offering dental presentations to schools and community groups. Giving back to the community gives him a pleasant feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of positively affecting people’s lives.

In the last ten years, our office has donated over $70,000 to worthy local high school graduates in need of help with college expenses. To date, The Dr. Douglas Bush Scholarship has helped over 30 students from West Morris Central and Mendham High Schools get started on the road to college.

The recipient of a similar college scholarship himself, Dr. Bush knows first-hand how important encouragement is in realizing your dreams.


Dr. Bush often treats patients for sports related mouth injuries, many of which are preventable with a mouthguard. To raise awareness about the importance of wearing a mouthguard, Dr. Bush has been known to provide mouthguards to students in need.

Some of the injuries that can be prevented by using a sports guard:

Lip, cheek, and chin lacerations
Facial bone fractures
Injury to the jaw joints
Broken or displaced teeth

Dr. Bush is on the staff at Kesseler Welkind Rehab Hospital. He is also an attending physician at Morristown Memorial Hospital, where he spends time volunteering in the clinic and teaching the dental residents (new dental school graduates). He also supervises the treatment of patients in their charity care dental clinic.

He is also more than happy to give presentations to schools and civic groups, and particularly enjoys talking with small groups or classrooms.

He’s presented programs for:

  • Senior groups
  • Nursery schools
  • Elementary school classes
  • Long Valley Holistic Moms
  • Middle Schools

Topics could include:

  • Preventive care
  • Holistic dentistry
  • Technology
  • Mini-implants
  • Caring for elderly relatives
  • Cosmetic Dentistry